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About Us

Fire lips are found out of a passion for producing holistic, luxurious beauty products that make you feel healthy and lavish. Our extensive collection includes face oils, face products, lipsticks, eye shadows, and so much more. Packed with full-spectrum serums and innovative ingredients, our skincare line helps you bring back your beautiful, bright skin.
Fire Lips has evolved from strength, receiving over thousands of visitors every month, and continues to dominate the online beauty industry. We take pride in our wide variety of goods, unique skincare products with exclusives gifts, and great incentives for members.  Our highly committed driven team undergo daily training directly also offers reliable and insightful knowledge about our products, so you can get all the information you need.


Hello! My name is Fabiana. I am 14 years old and have always wanted my own business. I had a dream about an online cosmetic store I have wanted to do it ever since.About four years ago, my mom became very ill with a brain tumor. My life crumbled. I thought I was losing my hero and I didn’t know what to do. I suffered so much seeing her sick. My daddy was so worried about our future. My little sisters would be lost without our mom there for us. But, thankfully, we were lucky. My mom had surgery and she recovered. It took a long time for her to start to feel better.This year, I realized I was spending so much time on social media doing nothing. So, one day, I told my dad about my dream and he said he would help to make it come true. Here I am, with the help and support of my parents, my uncles ( Juan and Jorge ) , aunt , and my older brother Jeffrey (who I call Tata). He is always pushing me to be a better student in person. Thank you Tata! I love you.

So, I want to tell all the kids my age to please focus on their futures. Stop spending time on social media, talk to your parents and I’m sure they will help you to fulfill your dreams. I also want to help kids in the future that are sick or have parents going through what I went thought with my mom , by donating a portion of my earnings.

Love, Fabiana.